Week 5 in Class 5

This week in maths we have been writing addition calculations and comparing length and height. In English this week, we have been comparing schools in Victorian times and schools in the present. We found lots of things that were the same but there were many things that are very different now!

In RE this week we have learnt about the Jewish festival of light, Hanukkah. In Art we looked at famous autumn paintings and created our own autumn pictures, focusing on colour mixing to match the colours of the leaves outside.

We’ve also started rehearsing our Christmas play, so the children are learning lots of songs – I’m sure they would love to sing some of them to you!

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On Tuesday morning we went to the CLC for an Art morning. We had a lovely time being ‘space designers’ and created lots of things to take home! We designed planets, rockets, aliens and alien masks! Here are some photos of the fun we had.


This week we have also been learning a lot about the Gunpowder plot and the people behind it, including Guy Fawkes and Thomas Percy. The children have made firework pictures using different materials and a Wanted poster that could have helped the king find Thomas Percy.

In RE we have learnt about Remembrance day and what we would think about during the 1 or 2 minute silence on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. I was very impressed by the children’s thoughtful responses and ideas. Well done Class 5, another fantastic week!

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Week 6

This week in maths the children have been finding different ways to prove one more and one less. They even discovered that one more than 7 is the same as one less than 9! We have also been drawing clock hands on clock faces to show o’clock times.

In English this week we have started to write a story about the film we have watched, using the conjunction ‘and’ in our sentences.

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Week 5

We finally watched the film we have been working on this week! We set the classroom up like a cinema and munched on popcorn while we watched ‘Dangle’.


We then had a very interesting discussion about whether or not the main character did the right thing. After that, we made a ‘conscience corridor’ which was lots of fun!


On Thursday (National Poetry Day), we held a Poetry Slam in the hall with the whole school. Class 5 performed ‘Wind the bobbin up’ beautifully, with clear and loud voices.

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More/less and different types of sentences.

This week in maths we have been comparing quantities and numbers, using the language of more, less, most, least and fewer.

In English this week we have continued our work on our focus film. We still haven’t watched the film; we have listened to it and have seen some screenshots. We have been writing sentences about what we think is happening in the film and this week we also wrote a different type of sentence – a question. The children have learnt a special action to remember how to write a question mark and we have used lots of different question words to begin our sentences. We thought of lots of questions that we would like to ask the character in the film. Next week we will be watching the film and maybe some of our questions will be answered!

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