This week in Art we have started to create our own self-portraits. We carefully sketched the outline of our heads, necks and shoulders by holding our pencils differently to how we normally do. We then thought really carefully about the paint colours we needed for our skin and mixed colours together to find the closest match.

In English we have been writing sentences about things we did in the summer holidays and in maths we have been using positional language and creating our own patterns.

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Our first week in Class 5

We’ve had a very busy first week in Class 5. We’ve had a lot to take in this week and have learnt lots about how things work in Year 1. In handwriting, we started to learn how to form some of the long ladder letters and in maths we have been counting objects and solving some addition and subtraction problems. In RE we have been thinking about people we love and care about.

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Another fantastic week in Class 5!

We’ve had a very busy week this week. In maths this week, we have been solving missing number problems using the bar model.


In English, we planned and wrote our own versions of ‘The Gingerbread Man’. I was so impressed with the children’s stories this week, they blew me away! It was their final Big Write in Year 1 and they all made sure that their stories were extra special for me to read.

On Thursday we went to the Teddy Bear festival, where we took part in a rang of different sporting activities to give ourselves and our teddies some exercise. Here are some photos:


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Division and Postcards

This week in maths we have been solving division problems by sharing and grouping. Here are some photos of the fun we had learning how to share and group objects:



In English this week we have been writing our own postcards from our holiday in Brazil. We’ve been telling our friends and families all about the fun we’ve had exploring Brazil. We researched facts about Brazil using iPads, Powerpoints, fact sheets and books to prepare us for writing our postcards.

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Travelling to Rio!

This week we launched our new topic – The Olympics! The children brought a packed suitcase to school on Monday and we took it on the aeroplane to Rio! We checked in at the airport, made our own passports and luggage labels and then watched the in-flight safety video very carefully. We even had our snack on the plane and the sunbathed in the glorious sunshine!


In English, we have been writing instructions about how to pack a suitcase, using time adverbials, imperative verbs, adjectives and positional language.

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